Friday, May 27, 2011

Subject to change!

Break ke baad, the series now returns on air, after 2 and 3/4 years. A vital character has been added to the storyline. All the other main and supporting members, missing none, make a comeback. And with the narrative being placed in an altogether different 'set' that could probably make interesting offerings to the direction the story could take, the hype surrounding the newer episodes is paramount. This time too the genre is expected to be an amalgamation of many things ranging from lighter, romantic, comical tones to soul-searching, experiments and growing up.

Over all it promises to be a very nice, varied and new experience.


With all wishes and prayers to heaven, I’m taking my first step tomorrow, hoping all things good, all things that bring Love, Comfort, Peace and Satisfaction find me where ever I'm.

Anubukke naan adimai aaga vendum

Arivukke en kaadhu ketka vendum

Vambukke pogaamal iruka vendum

Vanjaththai en nenjam marukka vendum

Panbukke uyir vaazha aasai vendum

Parivukke naan endrum paniya vendum

Nettriyinil kungumame niraya vendum

Kattradhellam men melum peruga vendum

En pakkam ivai ellam iruka vendum

Amma, ennodu nee endrum vaazha vendum

Will be back when I’m back!

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